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Weekly News Paper

Krishak Doot is a Agricultural and Rural Developmental Hindi Weekly News Paper.

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Farmer's Viewpoint

Farming and forestry concerns Commission will be introducing legislation to create a Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry cabinet position for the common wealth.

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Krishak Doot is M.P's leading agriculture weekly news paper, largest magazine covering agriculture details and sustainable farming subscribe today. Read some of our current issues.

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Agriculture has always played a vital role in sustaining human life. An integral and inseparable part of human civilization, agriculture has seen new turns with ever rising human culture.

Krishak Doot Special Issues

Special Issues

Krishak Doot is devoted on the developmental aspects of rural segment. Each special issues of Krishak Doot is designed to carry meaningful information on agriculture, Horticulture Veterinary, Agriculture Engineering, Panchayat and Cooperative etc.   Read More